December 2013 "E4D Technology"

Release Date: 12/12/2013

Dr. Rodney Sigua

Concord, NH Dentist Rodney Sigua Restores Smiles in One Appointment with E4D Technology

Modern restorative dentistry has enabled many adults to recapture a healthy, appealing smile after experiencing chipped, cracked and decaying teeth. Today, the latest in dental technology makes the process faster and easier, with the end result having a more natural appearance. Dr. Rodney Sigua of Concord, NH is now providing same day crowns using E4D technology.

A dental crown, or tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire tooth, can be an excellent option for a tooth that is too damaged to support a filling. Conventional crowns require two to three visits to the dentist and take two to three weeks before the permanent crown is placed. The E4D technology allows the dentist to fabricate a crown in just one appointment. After the dentist removes decay from the tooth under a local anesthetic, the dentist then takes an optical laser impression of the tooth. There is no longer the need for those messy / gooey impression materials! The digital photo of the tooth is converted into a three-dimensional model that is displayed on the computer screen. The dentist uses this model to design a customized restoration for the tooth. The design data is transmitted wirelessly to a milling machine right in the dental office. The restoration is ready in less than an hour, not weeks, and it is bonded onto the tooth. There is no need for a temporary crown, or a second appointment. The benefits of using the E4D technology also includes a more natural-looking smile.

Dr. Rodney Sigua offers same-day crowns using E4D technology at his state-of-the-art dental facility in Concord, NH. This latest E4D technology is found in only about ten percent of dental practices across the country. Dr. Sigua is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technology through continuing education. He and his staff seek to create the right treatment plan for each individual patient to maximize oral health.

For more information on E4D technology for same-day crowns in Concord, NH, visit, or call 603-223-6644 to make an appointment with Dr. Rodney Sigua.

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