Who likes to go to the Dentist? Nobody does.......until now!! From the second you walk in. To the second you walk out. The care and attention given to you and your dental needs. Are on a level unseen and unmatched by any other Dental facility (and I'v been to quite a few) Dr. Sigua and his staff are the Tom Brady and New England Patriots of the dental world. Champions all the way! I wont go anywhere else!

-Mike N.

Dr Sigua and his staff are the BEST! I have been going to him for years...They are always friendly and know the patients names as soon as they walk in the door! I love them!

-Lisa T.

Dr. Rodney Sigua has been my dentist for as long as I can remember, I look forward to my visits with him and its always a positive environment walking into his office. He's extremely passionate, talented and honest with everything he does, I am very grateful to have him as my dentist. Also his staff are top notch, very friendly and will/do go out of their way for each patient. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

-Michael R.

Normally the people are scare about dentistry, I used to, Doctor Rodney Sigua and his staff are so friendly and professional, makes you feel confident. I called early in the morning with an emergency, and they received me right away, I totally recommend this place, great equipment, everything is clean, parking lot, thank you so much, I have never felt like that before I meet you guys.

-Noelia V.

I love this Dentist!! The staff is exceptional too, I look forward to going to have my teeth cleaned at this office.. They are always excited to see me!! I have been going for about 20 years or so and I will never go anywhere else!! Thank you!!

-Lisa T.

After having forgone the dentist for 18 years Dr Sigua and his team got me back in shape. My teeth are better than I ever thought they'd be again.

-D W

I can not express how grateful I am to all of the staff and Dr. Sigua. They are friendly and very helpful. Because of them I am able to smile for the first time with confidence. I unfortunately had to have a majority of my teeth taken out and needed dentures (I'm only 31years old.) I was very nervous and scared about how I would eat, look and talk but after all of the work was done I can say I am very happy with the end result. They took care of me making sure I was comfortable at all times and any concerns I had they were always there no matter what day or time just like family. They truly care about you as an individual and will help you in any way they can to make it easy and affordable. So again thank you so much for everything. Thank you for giving me a beautiful confident smile. You all are the best. Definitely would recommend them to everyone.

-Felicia M.

I am a patient of Dr Siguaโ€™s for over 20 years an I have always been treated with care and professionalism. Canโ€™t say enough about Dr Sigua and his pleasing and friendly staff. They are fantastic ๐Ÿ‘Œ

-Andy H.

Dr. Sigua goes above and beyond to make his patients feel well-cared for and comfortable through every step of any procedure. His dedication to his profession is clear and I couldn't ask for a better dentist to help me overcome my initial fears. The staff members are so friendly and compassionate, and the office is always scrupulously maintained. With state-of-the-art equipment, office visits are shorter and more efficient. For the past fifteen years, Dr. Sigua has been the dentist for our whole family. HIGHLY recommend!

-Karen L.

My family has gone to Dr. Sigua forever. There's very little employee turnover (that speaks volumes to me), and you can tell the staff like each other and the doctor. The place is beyond clean - it perpetually looks like it was built yesterday. I'm pretty sure Dr. Sigua has taught at Harvard. And he's a character. My hygienist (Paula) is more personable than most of my friends, and she's gentle, but as skilled as a surgeon. They tell you what's up, but don't pressure you into products and procedures unless they're truly needed. They don't make you feel like crap if you haven't flossed, or need to change an appointment. I never dread "the dentist." Oh, and the office is like 80 feet from the highway. These folks are top-shelf and I highly recommend. SE, Boscawen, NH


Dr Sigua and his team have been caring for mine and my families' teeth for 14+ years. They are a stable and caring group who put you at ease and give you great professional care and instruction to keep your dental health at it's best! They are like family! Love you guys!!!!

-Rosanne M.

This is a fantastic place to go for dental care. The facility is high-tech, the staff is wonderful, and billing is never a problem. Even my 4 year old likes to go to the dentist!

-Jaime C.

I have been with 'Team Sigua' for many years! They have always made me feel comfortable with every visit and have explained every procedure that occurred during that particular visit. I really like that! I highly recommend Dr. Sigua & 'Team Sigua' for all of your dental needs.

-Larry K.

In the two years I have been with Dr. Sigua I have never felt nervous about going there. You have the same hygenist every time you need a cleaning. That is great so you don't have to re-explain everything every time you go. All of the staff is professional yet friendly at the same time. Dr. Sigua is also able to calm any nerves you may have. Every thing is explained to you in a clear way. They also do not push unnecessary procedures on you either. Pleasant change from my previous dental experience. I highly recommend Dr. Sigua and his staff..

-Phyllis W.

I first saw Dr. Sigua 20 years ago, and he's still my dentist to this day. I don't know what higher praise I could give him than that. A great guy and a great dentist.

-Joshua C.

When we moved from New York City three years ago it was with trepidation that I started looking for professionals to take care of my wife and I . My expectations were high both regarding quality of care and kindness . As a physician myself and my wife being a dentist we know that at times is hard to find someone who is very competent and also caring ,someone who does this out of a deeply felt vocation . That is what we found with Dr.Sigua and his Staff . Knowledgeable , compassionate , understanding, driven by the want to provide outstanding dentistry . I highly recommend him ,very high level of care

-Osvaldo E.

I recently relocated back to New England and was searching for a dentist who would provide the care I wanted and would listen to my needs going forward treating a dental condition I have been dealing with for 30 years. Other dentists just wanted me to keep pouring money into their bank accounts without even discussing options or my own needs. My hygenist, Cathy took an extraordinary amount of time, making me feel comfortable, discussing my condition and cleaning my teeth thouroughly and carefully. Dr. Sigua was likewise understanding, yet frank about working with me on my issues, listening to me describe my history and my own goals going forward. When moving, the two toughest things seem to be finding a new barber and a new dentist... I'm still looking for the barber but have found a home with Dr. Sigua and Cathy. Thanks a ton!

-Robert W.

Dr. Sigua and his staff always provides the highest level of compassion and service to our family. We would recommend them highly.

-Melissa B.

Friendly, personable staff, state-of-the-art facility, and a great Dentist. I've been a customer for years and will be for many more.


Dr. Sigua is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know. I am a chemistry teacher and I spend my summers working at MIT as a lab researcher so I know some really smart people and he is at the top of the list. I can ask him detailed science based questions concerning teeth and their restoration and he is always willing to take the time to accurately and thoroughly answer my questions. He is excellent at explaining what the problem is and the pros and cons for the different options for repairing the problem. Recently, I cracked a tooth and he was able to see me right away. Once he determined my tooth was cracked, I was able to schedule an appointment for a crown two days later. He scanned my tooth and made a 3D model of it. Then he prepped it for the crown. He has very steady hands and I did not feel a thing. He rescanned the prepped area and completed the model. This was sent to a CNC machine in the back of his office, where it was carved by the machine. It was a perfect fit the first time.Once he test fitted the crown to determine that it fit, it was then sent to the kiln where the enamel and ceramic crown was fired. Then the crown was glued into place, and my tooth felt much better. I arrived at 1:30 pm and was out the door by 4:15 with a brand new back tooth crown that looked just like original tooth without the fillings.I am very pleased! I would also like to say he has been our family Dentist for over 11 years, my wife loves him, I love him, and my kids love him. I highly recommend Dr. Sigua and his skilled and professional staff. Thank you Dr. Sigua! You're awesome!

-Sean M.

It is so much more convenient to have a crown made and installed in one sitting. I appreciate being able to get it done all at once, not over two (sometimes more) appointments.
Doranne B.

My husband and I have been a patient of Dr Sigua for almost 9 years now. We are highly satisfied with the treatment that we receive by him and all of his staff on regular visits, and unforeseen emergency visits. We would highly recommend Dr. Sigua if you are looking for a dentist:)

Tina B.

Dr. Sigua is the BEST ! I am a 73 old man who has had a fear of all dentist all my life. After my first visit several years ago I now have absolutely no fear and actually have no hesitation whatsoever to seeing him and his very professional staff for any dental work I may want or need.

-Kelvin C.

I am thrilled with the care I received. I get extremely anxious at dentist appointments. Dr, Sigua, and staff, are not only knowledgeable in the latest techniques, but also caring and very positive. I cannot stress how happy I am with both my dentist and ALL the staff at Dr. Sigua's office.

-Jackie C.

I had another great experience (and going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do)! Dr. Sigua and his staff are patient, skilled, and friendly.

-Kelly W.

Outstanding from the moment I entered the office .The professionalism is remarkable . Very well managed office .I can't say enough good things about everyone in the office ,from the secretary to the hygienist to the Doctor Osvaldo E.

The staff is always so personable and friendly, I love coming to see everyone! Excellent service and they always go above and beyond, I was just in a cleaning but they buffed out some rough spots and made sure I left smiling ;)

-Heidi JR

The most caring and professional office I have ever been associated with, thank you for being my dentist.

-James C.

You are a great team! I appreciate how professional and friendly everyone is and that you have the latest equipment to work with. Many thanks!

-Kathryn L.

The most wonderful group of people I have met in a long time. You should all be proud to set the standard for the industry.
-Mark G.

Dr. Sigua has been our familiy's dentist for 12 years. He is a wonderful, caring practitioner. His office staff are wonderful, friendly, competant assistamts to his growing practice. Since using Dr. Sigua as our dentist, none of us dread coming to the dentist anymore.
Satisfied Customers
-Debbie & George C.

We have been patients of Dr Rodney Sigua for the past five years so we can state emphatically our belief that he is the finest Dentist in the State of New Hampshire. Personable, professional and highly skilled, Dr Rodney makes a trip to the Dentist more of a social call than an act of drudgery. On more than one occasion Dr Rodney has had to halt his dental procedure as I was laughing at his comments. A true joy!
A test of his professionalism came when I broke a tooth and required an emergency appointment on Dr Rodney's day off. Within 45 minutes I was in his chair as he was ready to shoot me with Novocain. The man is the consummate professional.
Since my wife and I have been under Dr Sigua's total care program, regular checkups, cleanings, and preventive measures, our dental health has never been better. These are, of course, the type of services good Dentists offer in New Hampshire these days, but Dr Rodney combines these good dental practices with a unique and personable atmosphere. There is none better!
-James & Robin D.
Pembroke, NH

Dr. Sigua has been my Dentist since his practice began in Concord. I have had crowns, a partial and a root canal done very satisfactorily over the years. My twice-yearly care by his very capable staff is also exceptional.
I highly recommend Dr. Sigua to anyone seeking a Dentist in Concord.
-Marjorie B.

I have always had a large space between my front teeth that made me feel self conscious. I was hesitant to smile. However, I was equally hesitant about having any elaborate dental work done. I felt it was best to leave well enough alone.
But Dr. Sigua addressed that space in my teeth on my very first visit there. He understood how I felt and he explained several ways that he could reduce or correct the problem. He carefully pointed out the pro's and con's of each. We decided on a combination of an extraction, some crowns and a bridgework. He then showed me what the finished results could look like and I was sold. I was excited and I couldn't start soon enough!
I felt Dr. Sigua and his staff were equally excited. They were all friendly caring people who also happened to be competent professionals. I never doubted that I would be in good hands. I felt their plan was to use their skills, their dental tools and materials, and my mouth - to create a work of art. I was convinced and ready and felt part of the team.
At each appointment staff members would stop in to check on my progress. They would offer their opinions and give support. Dr. Sigua also asked for and listened to my input every step of the way. The whole process was painless and exciting. I had no doubt that what we were constructing would be nothing less than perfect.
And on that final visit when everything came together, my teeth were real and natural and beautiful. They were a work of art. And now I display that work of art each and every time I smile...and I smile a lot these days. For that I thank Dr. Sigua and his staff.
-Nancy F.

Dr. Sigua and team offer a wonderfully comfortable experience for visiting the dentist. Dr. Sigua has done a variety of work on my teeth, including crowns to replace damaged teeth, as well as the standard maintenance dental work. The work he has completed has me smiling again which I had not done in some time. Dr. Sigua takes the time to work with you to provide an individual solution to your dental requirements that will last for a long time and looks great! The talent and quality work Dr.. Sigua offers to his clients is something I would recommend to anyone and I have recommended to a variety of people who are just as ecstatic as I am about his capabilities.
-Lacey H.

Right now I do not recall how I located you, either from the phone book or word of mouth. However when I did come to see you my dental history had been sporadic. I only went to the dentist if there was a problem, mostly because of my financial situation. The remaining teeth I had were in poor condition and I had received an estimate from another dentist on part of the work, as he did not want to commit to what the whole project would entail, and it looked like way more than I would be able to afford.
I was absolutely astonished that you were able to look at the overall picture, design a plan of treatment and provide me with a recommendation to Unicorn Financial for a dental loan to afford the work on a monthly basis. Not only that but your communication to the cost was below the previous estimate and you explained exactly what and why you had designed each of the steps. You gave me a very professional and positive assessment of taking care of my dental treatment not only for the rehabilitation but for maintaining continued healthy treatment on a year to year basis, creating relationship.
It is that relationship with you and all your wonderful staff, who I would call friends, that I enjoy coming to visit my dentist. Thank you again for putting beautiful teeth back into my smile.
-Andy H.

"Oh noโ€! A check of my calendar shows I have a dental appointment today. Stress becomes part of the morning routine as I tell myself this is not going to be a good experience. I see myself in the dental chair while grasping the arms of the chair with white knuckles, awaiting the arrival of the tray with instruments that I dare not look at. I vow this is the last time I will be able to do this. Therefore, my unpleasant experiences led me to cancel all future dental appointments For a very long time, I simply brushed and flossed while knowing that my teeth were badly in need of repair and probably dentures were in my future.
So unfair and so sad…Then I met Dr. Sigua. I picked him out of a โ€œlineupโ€ in the classifieds and in doing so I made one of the most important calls of my life for dental care. Walking into his office seemed to bring back past experiences. However, I saw a staff of smiling faces as I entered the office of the man who would restore my faith in dentistry. I explained past experiences and as I looked into his clear blue eyes and listened to his reassuring words, I thought โ€œmaybe we have a chance togetherโ€. With compassion, he put his hand on mine and spoke the words I needed to hear. โ€œI promise I will never hurt youโ€. He seemed to genuinely care about restoring my teeth and I knew my comfort level with him would be very different. How did I get so luckyโ€! Being one of his patients has grown into a friendship โ€“ not only with him, but his entire staff. He always has time to answer my questions and listen to my concerns. No question has ever gone unanswered and through the years of knowing this extraordinary person, he has saved my teeth โ€“ such an important part of my life. We have laughed together so many times. Dr. Sigua is a man who might have done anything with his life. Iโ€™m so blessed that he chose dentistry. W e are fr iends. No more white knuckles! I put him on a pedestal for he is truly a man of his word. So again I say, โ€œhow did I get so very luckyโ€?! I found a wonderful friend and dentist all in one person.
-Sally W.

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