March 2014 "Intraoral Camera Technology"

Release Date: 3/5/2014

Dr. Rodney Sigua

Concord, NH Dentist, Dr. Rodney Sigua Utilizing Intraoral Camera Technology for Better Patient Diagnosis

Correct patient diagnosis and treatment is the most important function of an effective, state-of-the-art dental practice. The intraoral camera is the latest in a long line of technologically advanced equipment that has been introduced to the dental field in recent years. It delivers incredibly sharp, clear images that enhance dentist’s ability to properly diagnose and treat patients. Dr. Rodney Sigua has decided to utilize this innovative technology at his Concord, NH dental practice.

While digital X-rays are still very useful when it comes to diagnosing cavities / decay, they cannot detect everything. When Dr. Sigua uses the intraoral camera, he is able to reach places that an X-ray cannot. The camera on the device is able to take both photos and videos. It can also be hooked up to a chairside monitor so the patient can view the procedure in real-time. While the camera snaps crystal-clear images throughout the mouth, the software allows Dr. Sigua to manipulate the image to see different angles and zoom in on an otherwise static image.

Dr. Sigua adopted this technology in order to help patients prevent damage to the teeth as a result of a misdiagnosis. The high quality images provided by the camera help Dr. Sigua see even the smallest details such as cracks, cavities and tooth wear. Patients are even able to take the images to their insurance company in order to gain acceptance for any procedure they might need. The camera delivers consistently clear, high-resolution dental digital images that can be easily shared.

For additional information regarding the intraoral camera, visit To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodney Sigua in Concord, NH call 603-223-6644.

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