October 2014

Release Date 10/15/2014

Dr. Rodney Sigua



Dr. Rodney Sigua Uses Diode Laser to Treat Periodontic Issues in Concord, NH

The introduction of lasers into the field of dentistry has drastically improved the way that certain procedures are performed. Allowing for less invasive, faster and essentially painless procedures, lasers improve the dental experience for both the dentist and his patients. While laser dentistry has only been embraced by about 7 percent of practicing dentists, Dr. Rodney Sigua utilizes this technology to bring countless rewards to his patients in Concord, NH.

At his practice, Dr. Sigua uses the diode laser to perform procedures on the gums and teeth without causing discomfort to his patients. Lasers can be used to sterilize and restore gum tissue. With laser dentistry, there is no need for needles or stitches since anesthesia doesn’t have to be used and bleeding doesn’t occur. In addition, little recovery time is required for procedures that use laser technology. Patients are able to eat, drink and talk after surgery without pain. This means that the diode laser allows dental procedures to interfere less with daily life.


Dr. Rodney Sigua is a dentist in Concord, NH that is committed to bringing the best and most comfortable treatment to his patients, and laser technology is just one way he puts his patients comfort and oral health first. To schedule an appointment, call 603-223-6644. For more information about the dentist and his services, visit www.drsigua.com.  

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